November 19, 2010

When you create and use your own website it is easy to miss many of the little things that will drive your users away.

What can you do to begin to understand what your users want? Read this post for a few simple tactics…. Read more »

November 17, 2010

Last Thursday evening, November 11, the design community came together to share ideas. Here’s what everyone had to say…. Read more »

November 11, 2010

Having a user-friendly website for your business is as important as having a treasure map on a treasure hunt. Just as you need clues, markers and landmarks in order to find the “treasure,” your clients need simplicity, easy navigation and clean organization on your website to get the information they are trying to find…. Read more »

November 8, 2010

You may know that we just moved to Brooklyn, and as we have been getting to know our new neighborhood we became aware of how place can influence design…. Read more »