June 13, 2012

Blue is perhaps the most commonly used color in web design, and it makes sense that so many sites feature this calming hue. People are naturally drawn to the color because of its relaxing properties, and like the depth of the ocean or the vastness of the sky, it is a very universal and is associated with confidence, clarity and […]… Read more »

March 14, 2012

Yellow is a surprisingly popular color in web design. Visually striking and vibrant, this cheerful hue contrasts nicely with black, making it an ideal accent color. It is associated with happiness and intelligence, and is loaded with energy. Yellow calls the user to action, which might be why it is found on many non profit and charity sites. As with […]… Read more »

August 8, 2011

Julian Treasure recently gave a TED talk on how we can all become better listeners. He mentions that 60% of our time communicating is spent listening, but only 25% of what we hear. There are innumerable reasons why we can all benefit from being better listeners, but his advice is incredibly useful in creating high quality user experience to get the most out of your website…. Read more »