The Art of Brainstorming Creative Ideas: 10 Killer Tips

When coming up against a creative block, brainstorming can offer the perfect solution for generating creative ideas. Whether a person is brainstorming alone or with a group, it is important to come up with as many new ideas as possible within a specific period of time. Therefore, the following tips are offered to help anyone who is in need of some inspiration.

Embrace Strange

Creative ideas are often borne from the strangest of thoughts. Therefore, it is important to unleash all boundaries before beginning the process of brainstorming. This will ensure that no idea is left off of the table.

Invite an Outsider

Creative blocks can often occur with a group that has become too familiar. Sometimes, an outsider’s perspective can be the impetus for change

Avoid Judgment

It is important to remember to avoid judging any idea until brainstorming has ended. This can help a person to avoid become sidetracked and stopping the creative process.

Use Images

Photographs, drawings and other images can provide a powerful way to stimulate the brain. By placing images around the room, a person can focus on these while allowing their mind to wander and discover new ideas.

Take a Break

Serious brainstorming sessions can lead to mind fatigue that can hamper creativity. Often, taking a break and coming back to a problem will allow a person’s mind to continue to work on the problem without pressure.

Switch Positions

If a person normally works while sitting down, then assuming that position might help signal their mind that it is time to work. However, other people may need to walk around. If a person gets stuck, simply changing positions can often have an impact upon their perspective.

Do Some Research

Creativity can also come from other sources. Therefore, a person may find that some research can spur many new thoughts. However, this does not mean that research has to be boring. Depending upon their problem, watching a movie, viewing art or other creative activities can help a person to generate new ideas.

Change Environments

Stepping outside can offer a change in perspective as can visiting a nearby venue. Sometimes, stepping out of the office or studio can help a person to renew their inspirational spirit.

Expand on Current Ideas

Once some ideas have been generated, then using these ideas to find new ones is an effective brainstorming technique. Simply move through each idea on the list and expand upon them until no new ideas come forth.

Keep a Record

After coming up with ideas, it is important to have a way to remember what has been brainstormed. By using an online printer, a person can keep track of new ideas so that they can be remembered. Additionally, this method will enable a copy to be offered to everyone who has participated in the brainstorming session.

Hayley is a freelance blogger residing in California. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughters and husband.