October 26, 2012

The world of SEO is ever changing, with algorithms being tweaked on a regular basis that require new strategies in order to stay kosher in the eyes of Google. The most recent update, Penguin, cracked down on unnatural link building and emphasized the importance of quality content…. Read more »

June 6, 2012

Of course a surge of traffic is a great sign of your site’s success, but wouldn’t you prefer that your visitors spend more time on your site? Theoretically, once you reduce the bounce rate on your site, you will gradually be rewarded with loyal and committed visitors. Consequently, this can indicate higher returns on the money spent on advertisements and […]… Read more »

February 21, 2011

If anything should be learned from JCPenney’s “black hat” snafu it is this: underhanded tactics to fool Google and your users can only provide minimal exposure while leaving your business vulnerable to corrective action. … Read more »

January 19, 2011

Content is essential to your website’s popularity. Varied content of a certain quality will boost a site’s SEO, increase accessibility and garner interest to keep users coming back for more…. Read more »