Outlasting Black Hat Tactics: Craft from the Start to Achieve a Peerless Site

If anything should be learned from JCPenney’s “black hat” snafu it is this: underhanded tactics to fool Google and your users can only provide minimal exposure while leaving your business vulnerable to corrective action. The case in point refers to JCPenney’s use of far-flung websites – from Chinese cooking portals to Russian dating sites – which linked extensively back to JCPenney’s main website in order to create the effect that JCPenney was the most sought after source for a suspicious amount of retail. Upon discovery, Google effectively banished the JCPenney site to the land of misfit websites.

While this is not a new phenomenon, “cheating” the search engines is disturbingly pervasive; but take note: here are less dangerous and more effective ways to design your site’s architecture to increase traffic. At Studio K&M, we understand the Internet’s rush as it applies to search, social media and online advertising. We approach each site by studying what your potential clients are searching for as well as the terms your competitors are advertising with in what is known as a keyword analysis. And yes, there are plenty of obvious terms and phrases to be found, but it takes an expert – ahem, such as the experts at Studio K&M – to identify the highly specific and overlooked terms detailed to your company and incorporate this research into the design and usability of your site. For small businesses, this is crucial because it allows you to grow in your online niche!

Social media must also be effectively integrated into any online campaign, but simply creating a Facebook page or Twitter account will not suffice. How are you going to create and locate brand enthusiasts, the folks out there that will be the cheerleaders for your brand for the simple fact that they admire your output. Think of how many shirts, hats and gimcracks that we buy from brands we support. Now, apply this kind of thinking to the realm of social media and then multiply it by expanding opportunity and limitless ambition.

When readying one’s business for the rabbit hole of online competition, there is often a sense of excitement mixed with apprehension. In reality, there is nothing as singularly important to your business than having an online presence. From the start, Studio K&M crafts sites that incorporates usability and design into a medium- to long-term strategy of advertising and social media campaigns to broaden your opportunities and customers. There are no books that can teach you this, no webinars or wikis – welcome to the expertise of Studio K&M.