Different shades of blue convey different meanings: dark neutral blues are professional and serious, teals and turquoises are refreshing, and pale blues are relaxing and soothing. Because of it’s versatility and it’s ability to “play well” with other colors, blue is a classic color for design. It is not as risky as yellow or orange or red; blue is friendly, […]… Read more »

Usually when people talk about usability they’re talking about usability on the web. But most people have forgotten (or perhaps never realized) that usability has been a key measurement in tangible objects like books and hand tools for ages. These types of objects have been critical to the advancement of the human race, so much that we don’t even have […]… Read more »

Apps are all the rage at the moment: iPhone apps, Facebook apps, Google Chrome apps, iPad apps and so on. In fact, every time something new is released it appears that app capability is a given. We could introduce a new word into the English language – “Appxiety – the stress suffered by website and business owners whilst trying to […]… Read more »

Blue is perhaps the most commonly used color in web design, and it makes sense that so many sites feature this calming hue. People are naturally drawn to the color because of its relaxing properties, and like the depth of the ocean or the vastness of the sky, it is a very universal and is associated with confidence, clarity and […]… Read more »

Of course a surge of traffic is a great sign of your site’s success, but wouldn’t you prefer that your visitors spend more time on your site? Theoretically, once you reduce the bounce rate on your site, you will gradually be rewarded with loyal and committed visitors. Consequently, this can indicate higher returns on the money spent on advertisements and […]… Read more »

While various political parties may deny the existence of global warming, eco-aware designs are a trend that appears to be here to stay. In a world where CO2 taxes and nuclear energy are as real as the earth we’re standing on, it only seems natural that people are concerned with buying products that won’t spend forever in a landfill. Not […]… Read more »

It always feels great to receive a compliment from someone whom you admire. So you can probably imagine our excitement when we learned that the New York Times mentioned our most recent blog post on their website! We posted our article about the importance of updating your company’s brand as a response to their article on Maloney and Porcelli’s rebranding, never thinking that […]… Read more »

The psychology behind website usability has quickly become one of the most valuable bits of information a webmaster can have regarding their traffic. What users are doing when they land on a website offers quantifiable value in market research. Having a deep understanding of this traffic will offer you the information needed to seamlessly guide users around the page as […]… Read more »