Some say that print is dead, and that applies to newspapers and news magazines perhaps more than any other media. Nowadays nearly everyone gets their news online, at least in some form, whether it’s breaking news or stock updates. Creating a news website is easy these days, as many content management systems and website builder tools can do it for […]… Read more »

The world of SEO is ever changing, with algorithms being tweaked on a regular basis that require new strategies in order to stay kosher in the eyes of Google. The most recent update, Penguin, cracked down on unnatural link building and emphasized the importance of quality content…. Read more »

Microsoft, it can finally be said, has done something absolutely revolutionary: they’ve created a computer. Microsoft, it can also be said, has done something that will absolutely overshadow that achievement: they’ve redesigned Windows, drastically.
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While the book certainly has taken the literary world by storm, besting even the well-loved Harry Potter series, not a lot of people will admit, or even think of gray as their favorite color. But while it may not always seem like it, gray is a tactical color advantage when it comes to designs…. Read more »

You’re at dinner, and you order a steak. Looking at the wine list, you don’t recognize any of the reds. Panicking, you say to a passing busboy, “what wine do I choose?” He looks at you confused, so you ask the diners at the next table, “what of these goes with the steak?” Again, confusion. You could go on, asking […]… Read more »

Business experts all agree that you have just a few moments in order to make a lasting impression with a new client. Even if you make a great impression at first, people still easily forget details and even names just minutes later. That is why you need a strong, compelling business card that new clients can refer to at a […]… Read more »

So here it is, the last post in our series on color symbolism. We’ve had a great time sharing our findings on the meaning behind each hue as we’ve moved through the full spectrum. If you’ve followed the full series, you can probably guess that it is time to discuss the different shades of purple used in print design and […]… Read more »

You can write a successful headline using any number of proven techniques. For example, lists (5 Things You Need…) and how-to’s (How to Make…) are bullet proof headline-writing formats, but we all know these headline-writing approaches. They’re overdone. They’re vanilla. It’s time to take headline writing up a notch, or five notches. Let’s get creative with something I call “headline […]… Read more »

Of all of the hues that we’ve covered, purple seems to show up the least often around the web. Perhaps this has something to do with our monitors inability to display these colors consistently, or maybe lavender backgrounds conjure painful memories of the Geocities days. That’s not to say that a purple palette cannot be a beautiful solution for a […]… Read more »

With Independence Day right around the corner, it is definitely barbeque season! However, this is 2012, and it is a given that not all of your guests will be carnivores waiting eagerly alongside the grill. Of course you can always throw on some veggie burgers or tofu dogs, but why not try this vegan spin on a classic barbeque side? […]… Read more »