When coming up against a creative block, brainstorming can offer the perfect solution for generating creative ideas. Whether a person is brainstorming alone or with a group, it is important to come up with as many new ideas as possible within a specific period of time. Therefore, the following tips are offered to help anyone who is in need of […]… Read more »

Mobile optimization is more than stripping pictures out, increasing font size and squishing the page. Good mobile designers think about the psychology of the mobile user, and model a conversion engine designed to give mobile users what they want as soon as they want it. The following seven examples highlight some of the best aspects of mobile design, with some […]… Read more »

When most people think of WordPress, they think of personal journals or niche content blogs that post regular updates of content in a news or magazine style format. However, WordPress’ extensive functionality give it many other uses besides just blogging. One of the great things for businesses with regards to WordPress and the web in general is the number of […]… Read more »

The cloud is best described as technology that allows us to store and access information from a network of computers that are accessed through the Internet. It has a big advantage over traditional storage on your computer or an external device, because information on the cloud cannot be lost or corrupted; it can be accessed on any internet-enabled device, and […]… Read more »

Websites have standards. Take, for example, the visual cues we take for granted on a variety of websites. Online retailers always place the shopping cart button in the top right of the page. That’s standard. Comment sections are at the bottom of articles. Again, simple and standard. Beneath a well-designed site, however, lies a layer of design architecture that’s been […]… Read more »

In 2012, more people than ever are accessing websites not from their computer, but from the palm of their hand. 11.5% of all web visits in the past year have been through hand held, portable devices; such as smartphones, iPods, iPads and other branded tablets, which is the largest percentage to date. And the numbers will only continue to grow. […]… Read more »

Business cards are a great way to make new connections and grow your business or get a job. However, business cards should not only reflect your business, they should also be memorable. Clever designs make for memorable cards, especially when they reveal something about the nature of the company. Creativity is not limited to the imagery or typography, some of […]… Read more »

Force has no place in design. This statement popped in my head after a recent confrontation with a bike lock that just wouldn’t budge…. Read more »

No matter how long your site has been up and running – a week, a year, a decade – it is time to perform a legal audit.  Failing to stay on top of and abide by legal rules can be mean a death sentence for your website. It’s almost impossible to run a business in today’s world without some sort […]… Read more »