30 Creative Business Card Designs

Business cards are a great way to make new connections and grow your business or get a job. However, business cards should not only reflect your business, they should also be memorable.

Clever designs make for memorable cards, especially when they reveal something about the nature of the company. Creativity is not limited to the imagery or typography, some of the best cards use innovative materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. And don’t forget about die cuts, a unique shape will also help your card to stand out in a sea of rectangular designs. These days, it’s possible to get creative with all forms of print design, such as flyer printing, brochure printing and business card printing.

Here are 30 creative business card designs to inspire you!

letterpress wood and cotton paper business card

Diesel Design’s Portfolio Business Card

Creative and Unusual Die-cut Business Card Designs

Eskimo identity

Shawn Grima


Teal Davison Identity

Qr Corporate Business Card

NG cards

Wooden Business Card

Corporate business card

Metal steel business card

Bent Art Space

Business Cards


Black Diamond Business Card

Amaze  Business Card

Web Design Harlow

Business Card for: Common

Luxury Business Card

Magic Carpet Productions Business Card

Business Card for: AppWare

Accent Creative

WHBV Business Cards

The Roof

Business Card for: Mattia Bernini

Andrew Sithimorada

davide gasperini

Personal Branding | Letterpress Business Card

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