Out of The Blue: Suprising Shades of Design

Different shades of blue convey different meanings: dark neutral blues are professional and serious, teals and turquoises are refreshing, and pale blues are relaxing and soothing. Because of it’s versatility and it’s ability to “play well” with other colors, blue is a classic color for design. It is not as risky as yellow or orange or red; blue is friendly, humble, and approachable.

These same rules of color theory apply to packaging as well. A drink that is sold in a blue container is immediately perceived as more refreshing than one that is not. Laundry detergent containers, along with toothpaste containers, are usually blue, as blue is the color of clarity, purity, and cleanliness.

Blue posters, in contrast to orange or yellow posters, are more moody and atmospheric than their graphic counterparts. Pale blue, like yellow, also stands out very strongly against black, making it the perfect accent color for designs, but unlike yellow it doesn’t wash out when placed against a white background.

Dark Blue

Dark blue is masculine, professional, and serious. Perfect for a men’s skincare line or for a formal wedding invitation. Dark blue is the color of corporate America. Just picture regal, navy blue suits in an office.

Royal Blue

Royal blues are universally appealing because they signify trust, loyalty, and confidence. It is very uncommon that someone has an adverse or negative reaction to a royal blue.

Light Blue

Light or pale blues are peaceful, serene, and calm. If you want someone to relax when looking at your designs, incorporate light blue. It is easy on the eyes, and slows the brain down.

Robin’s Egg

The edgy side of blue is found in teal and turquoise. These punchy colors can signify the beach or the “island vibe” but are quite fetching when used in conjunction with black or white. Picture the robin’s egg blue of the Tiffany’s box: while it is not a color ordinarily associated with class and sophistication, it has come to define it.

That concludes our segment on blue! Do you feel more relaxed? Stay tuned for the next color, which I’m sure you’ve all figured out by now is… purple!