April 25, 2012

While various political parties may deny the existence of global warming, eco-aware designs are a trend that appears to be here to stay. In a world where CO2 taxes and nuclear energy are as real as the earth we’re standing on, it only seems natural that people are concerned with buying products that won’t spend forever in a landfill. Not […]… Read more »

It always feels great to receive a compliment from someone whom you admire. So you can probably imagine our excitement when we learned that the New York Times mentioned our most recent blog post on their website! We posted our article about the importance of updating your company’s brand as a response to their article on Maloney and Porcelli’s rebranding, never thinking that […]… Read more »

April 18, 2012

The psychology behind website usability has quickly become one of the most valuable bits of information a webmaster can have regarding their traffic. What users are doing when they land on a website offers quantifiable value in market research. Having a deep understanding of this traffic will offer you the information needed to seamlessly guide users around the page as […]… Read more »

April 13, 2012

Green is most often associated with nature, and many websites use this earthy tone to communicate their brand’s relationship with the environment. These attempts are not always successful, and many websites end up going overboard with their attempts to position themselves as eco friendly. As with any other color, the best green websites have minimal designs and use the color […]… Read more »

April 4, 2012

Trends come and go. And just like we adjust our hairstyles and clothing to stay with the times, so should a company adjust their branding. When Maloney & Porcelli was launched in 1996, it became the after-work watering hole for Midtown businessmen looking to charge $50 steaks to their expense accounts. Over the years, the heat of M&P has cooled significantly, and […]… Read more »