Tips on writing for the web.

People don’t read on the web, they scan. The average American has an attention span of about 8 seconds and with over 18.53 billion pages on the web today you can bet they are going to be spending all 8 seconds reading a long page full of copy.

Don’t fret this is actually great for you, because if you write clearly and concisely you’ll certainly have an edge over your competition.

Writing for the web made simple:

• Paragraphs should be kept to under five lines.
• Segment your content with bullets and headers as often as possible.
• Use multiple headlines.
• Headlines should use clear language, avoid the use of a, an or the.
• Important words should come first.
• Link to more detailed information, don’t make every user wade through it.
• For every ten words you would write on a printed piece try to use one!

You can write all your content normally than edit, edit, edit. Before you know it you’ll have clear, concise and easy to understand text, the building blocks of a great user friendly site!