Is your website’s design bringing you down?

How credible is your business? Good design imparts credibility by acting as a window to your business and allows potential clients to see your inherent professionalism.

For many small business owners, questioning their professionalism is downright rude. But judging from the poor quality and confusing layout of most sites, you might get the impression that a majority of established firms are actually fly-by-night operations with limited knowledge of their industry. Small business owners, it’s time to grow up and invest in a professional online portal. Great design isn’t all about looking sleek or elegant, but about expressing a companies unique position in the marketplace.

You wouldn’t wear a faded suit with only one sleeve to a meeting, so why would you allow your site to look as though it was made in 1997 and sit for months without an update? In meetings with prospective clients, you do your utmost to treat with them respect in order to finish the deal; consider, then, that a well-designed site is the best way to show respect to the users of your site. Never mind the aesthetics, this is the design of respect and professionalism.