Why You Should Be Using Twitter

Twitter is worth your time. Period.
Twitter’s value lies in the density and breadth of its information. It takes two minutes to take in a day’s worth of breaking news and updates from industry leaders and on-the-ground reporters. Plus, as you build up a network of like-minded professionals, Twitter puts you in the conversation.

Twitter will help build your brand.
Think of it more as a building block. Twitter obviously won’t be the thrust of your online marketing approach, but the professionalism it imparts on your brand is undeniable. It drives web traffic, is a great source of PR, and strengthens business networks—all for free.

How can I be successful on Twitter?
On Twitter, success isn’t measured in how many followers or re-tweets you get. Instead, focus on being interesting and informative. When a tweet catches your eye, see if you can incorporate that same eye-catching style into your own tweets. Success will come in the form of information gleaned rather than popularity.

The etiquette of following others.
If someone follows you, don’t feel obligated to follow them back. If you follow too many people, your account can get cluttered, and that’s when Twitter starts to feel a little overwhelming. There will never be a lack for information on Twitter, so start slow and craft a list of followers pertinent to your interests.

Is there any way to reasonably follow everyone in my list?
No. Instead, you can create a “core list” of the select few who you find to have the most meaningful and interesting tweets. The rest can simply be browsed.

Are there any useful tools I should know about?
Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are great for scheduling and broadcasting tweets across multiple accounts. If you want to keep on top of certain topics, Topsy and Social Oomph will notify you when specific keywords become more popular. There’s oodles more, but these are a good start.

How can I get hundreds, maybe thousands, of followers?
With that kind of ambition, it’s worth looking into the services of a professional. Studio K&M can create a strategy specific to your business to ensure increased visibility and an effective campaign. We can get you started or take over completely depending on your needs.