The Contents Of Your Content

Content is essential to your website’s popularity. Varied content of a certain quality will boost a site’s SEO, increase accessibility and garner interest to keep users coming back for more.

The Why…
The Internet has bred expectations of constant change, a place where users demand refreshment. A woman might research gluten-free recipes for her family on Monday, while on Tuesday she may browse the latest power-tools for her husband. This doesn’t mean you need to be an expert on such varied topics; rather, if the average user searches for two to twenty different topics in a given week, the more variety you have in your content the better the chances that your content will contain key words the people are using for searches.

The How…
Blog! Blogs are a great way to generate content in a structured, purposeful way. They help draw ties between your business’ with other related fields – for example, we may focus on design, yet we include posts about food, dance and psychology while relating it back to our company’s sensibilities. Blogs also create a forum for users to interact. People love to voice their own opinions and get personally involved through comments. Also, businesses that provide a space for consumer feedback can boast of their consumer involvement while at the same time allowing for user-created content: i.e., free varied content!

Have any interviews on film or audio recordings?  Transcribe these audio or video files into plain text and create a page to make said content available for search. Again, increased content leads to greater angles for users to find you.

Let users know you’re local. People support local business more than ever. If you’re local, include that in your content somewhere and make sure you’re listed in any local directory listings.

Choose the right tone. When people interact with your site, they are interacting with you and your business. How you write gives them a sense of who you are, how you conduct business, and how you expect others to conduct business with you. Adding personality (where appropriate) keeps users engaged and your content unique.

If you’re still not convinced, pay a little visit to our friends at TopRank and read about the impact of blogging on search engine optimization. Otherwise, happy blogging!