Reflections from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair

The material expression I saw at last week’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair, works as a great metaphor for design and marketing in the digital age. Beautiful wood pieces, typically unfinished, play starring roles on the contemporary furniture stage, alongside brushed steel (left plain), and plastic that embraces all the qualities of being just plastic.

Designers are letting the materials they use inform their designs. The materials speak for themselves. They are not covered up or disguised, but left raw for the viewer to admire. It is the content that informs the quality of these pieces and speaks to these designers.

This reflects the fact that it is no longer necessary or possible to disguise content. The digital age is transforming us into a society of educated consumers who won’t stand for impostors.

It is important to let your content, whether on a website or other marketing materials, be the star. Let it inform the design so that it is able to speak clearly to your clients.