Services: Web Usability

You can’t tell your users what to do on your site. They have to find what they are looking for themselves. Can they?

Did you know that with a few simple and cheap fixes you can dramatically increase the ROI of your site? Did you know that if the design of your website does not tell people that this is where they want to be or if they cannot find what they are looking for, you are probably losing money that you could spend on buying doughnuts for the office?

What does it mean to have a usable website? In the simplest terms it means that anyone of average, or below average intelligence can use it with ease. But at Studio K&M we know that a usable website must be custom tailored to help you reach your audience. We know how to turn clicks into valuable revenue for you and make it an indispensable part of your business, not just something that everyone says you need.


  • Increases customer satisfaction and productivity;
  • Leads to customer trust and loyalty;
  • Invites repeat visits;
  • Generates leads;
  • Encourages referrals;
  • And inevitably results in tangible cost savings and profitability.

It also plays a role in the public’s perception of a company, affecting brand value and market share.

We use our years of user centered design experience to evaluate your site, and then implement low-cost strategies that dramatically improve your ROI and help you grow your business. Usability is something you can’t afford to skip.

We offer a FREE usability evaluation of your homepage and secondary page to see how your design stands up. Don’t be scared. We are REALLY kind.

Give us a ring 212.987.0076 or drop us a note if you are interested. And click here to get our usability checklist, to help you see how your site adds up.