Services: Mobile Usability

A usable site is a valuable site. But what about when you want to reach users outside their home? In today’s connected world, everyone has a smart phone and/or tablet, and people now opt for an app on their Smartphones rather than a mobile site.

A usable app should feel seamless and intuitive, utilizing many of the interfaces and functions that already exist on your Smartphone. The purpose of the app should be immediately recognizable, with an organized menu and a limited number of screens. Generally speaking, the less a user has to do in an app, the more frequently they will use it.

Consider the environments in which people are using their phones: they are often distracted, busy, and need information very quickly. If a user finds they are doing most of the work, i.e. entering in tons of information, the more likely it is they will become frustrated and delete the app.

We’re happy to say we’ve recently added mobile usability testing to our repertoire, applying the same savvy and know-how we use in our web usability tests to your mobile apps.