We start by asking: what do you want out of an online presence? Then, we find out what your audience wants. Our personalized research allows for a highly effective collaboration that aligns your business’ needs with those of your online customers, a harmony that makes all the difference in a competitive web environment.


Your goals should inform the process, not time constraints. Studio K&M develops a strategy based on our thorough client consultations as well as our careful study of the audience to create a budget and schedule unique to your business.


Studio K&M understands the varying habits of an online audience. We provide solutions informed by a decade of crafting user-oriented sites paired with the latest research to optimize the user’s experience. In an increasingly dynamic web, it helps to have an expert.


Studio K&M builds beautiful sites of simple design that reflect the professionalism of your business. We rigorously test each site for the highest in quality assurance: browsers are cross-checked and tweaked for compatibility, speed, and programming optimization. In short, it will run perfectly no matter where you are.


We provide optional ongoing support for each of our projects. As your online presence matures, monitoring customer responses and developing future enhancement plans can build on the success of your new site. Our close work with online marketers can maximize efficiency and reduce cost, leaving you to the business of your business.