Ivey Inman

Strategist | Project Director

Though trained in the fine arts, Ivey Inman has a background in photography, print making, dance and film. She brings a creative energy and innovative spirit as a Strategist and Project Director at Studio K&M. Her keen storytelling talent stems from her wide breadth of reading and affords Studio K&M a fresh and articulate voice.

She has lived and worked throughout the world, spearheading a new marketing and branding initiative at an eco resort in Southern Spain, branding a film festival on the Basque Coast and assisting sales and marketing in the Caribbean.

Ms. Inman has a Bachelor of Arts in studio art and art history from the University of Vermont and has a style keenly her own. Occasionally she lets her southern belle accent slip in, revealing her Georgia upbringing.

She is an adventurer, rock climbing and camping on a regular basis.