Case Studies

Manhattan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group


To modernize the old site without compromising Manhattan Orthopedic’s clinical professionalism. Optimization for increased search-engine traffic was only the start: we needed to create a dynamic look and increase usability so that the site would appeal to first time users and stand out against the competition, which is only clicks away.


A client in the health care business requires a deep understanding not only of their prospective patients’ expectations, but those of the doctors working in the office and even their administrative staff as well. There are always competing interests within the practice. Studio K&M spent a considerable amount of time working with the individual doctors to design a site that would reflect the practice and address the questions of their discerning clients.

Research of the competition and target audience allowed us to identify the need for a depth of information, paired with our core requirements of usability and aesthetic engagement. To this end we chose WordPress because it allows the doctors to update the site on their own, keeping it up-to-date with ease, maintaining the required contemporary sleekness, and aiding with search engine optimization.


The site now ranks at the top of google; in the first six months, the site has amassed nearly half a million impressions, 6,643 website visits, 629 phone calls and 4,679 web events. Cost per visit has dropped from $1.91 to $1.73 and cost per call has gone down from $34 to $14, a whopping reduction of 60%! The doctors continually update their site with news and resources for new patients, allowing for considerably more access to information regarding their procedures.  The result is a dynamic improvement over the site’s original static layout which has led to a click through rate 1.4% above the average, a compelling result of K&M’s strength of design.

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