Case Studies

Dental Partners of Fifth Avenue


Dental Partners of Fifth Avenue’s original site was a dated Web 1.0 site with many untitled pages and dense copy which necessitated changes beyond a mere update. Our goal was to educate the client without patronizing, an approach that garnered cooperation and mutual trust.


We produced a thorough comparison of their site with that of their competitors which proved useful in pointing out the necessity of a clean and navigable design. Our straightforward explanations allowed the client to understand the need for the seemingly basic elements that make for strong design on an increasingly dynamic Web: search engine optimization can provide the traffic, but the web’s scrupulous audience demands engagement through design that stimulates and encourages interaction with the site.

The original logo was retained but updated for a contemporary look. From there we revised the navigation bar and added clarity to the pages by reducing clutter through a combination of restructured copy, subtle coloring, and crisp fonts. Working with WordPress allowed the dentists to make updates on their own while simultaneously optimizing the site for search engines and increasing traffic.


The finished product stands out among the competition in its sleek presentation of what the practice does and who they are. Transformed into a highly navigable site, it reveals the practice’s expertise formerly hidden under the clutter of their old design. In its first month the new site received over 180,000 impressions and 1000 page views, resulting in dozens of phone calls and one busy receptionist.

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