Your carbon webprint – how to green your web presence

It’s Earth Day today, and I am sure all this talk of carbon footprints, dirty energy, nuclear fallout and oh, just about every other thing in the news these days has you asking well what can I do?

Solar Power Field

Little lifestyle changes certainly make a difference, reusing your water bottle, cutting back on take-out and walking more are great steps we can all take to help make the planet happier and healthier. But have you ever thought about the energy it takes to power the web? And how your website could go green?

Did you know that 1.5% of the electricity used in the United States powers the web? And this figure increases by 10% each year! Considering that 71.5% of energy in the US is generated by nonrenewable resources switching your website over to a sustainable server could make a big difference, and the really good news, most sustainably powered servers aren’t anymore expensive than the dinosaur fuel burners!

And feel free to contact us to learn more about this issue and find out how Studio K&M can help you green your business.