Content by any Other Name Should Read so Sweet

We often hear about the need to “increase content” and create “dynamic sites”, but buzzwords like these are simply meant to stress the importance of keeping your site up-to-date and fresh with information aimed at an audience besieged by the flashy design of constant competition. However, spattering your site with material that is mere filler can oftentimes do more harm than good, especially if your audience is looking for the creative services demanded of our industry. Quality still counts for a lot, so if your company is looking to blog, tweet, and stay in the conversation, then the syntax you learned in business school just isn’t enough to stand out amid the rising wit and energetic spirit that inhabits these formats.

Interconnectivity as art – Sol Lewitt

It is important—in fact, critical—that websites in our technically informed world have updated content of the highest quality. How often do you go to a site whose blog has sat idle for months, or maybe the articles are simply hundreds of keywords jigsawed together into a semi-readable sequence? Now, think how often you veer away from these sites, never to return.

The upkeep required to keep your site current doesn’t mean taking time off from running your business. To that end, there are myriad companies that offer professional blogging, social media management, and site maintenance which will save you time and money. The best of these companies offer services that do not employ the “tricks” or “loopholes” of many underhanded techniques such as black hat tactics and the like. Content services amount to an entire industry of professional writers, graphic designers, and website managers with years of experience to provide comprehensive strategies that impart the highest levels of professionalism onto your site. The question then becomes: where do you find said companies?

Competing need not be this rigorous

Not to shamelessly plug our own services (as in, yes, to shamelessly plug our own services), but Studio K&M relies on the best content creators and experienced website managers to provide your company with a forum to show off precisely how you shape your industry while leaving you to the business of your business. We practice these techniques ourselves and have applied them to all of our projects when required. Content is key, but only quality can ensure success.