It’s All About the Experience

In December, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre marked the 50th anniversary of the company’s signature work, Revelations. First performed in January of 1960, this piece – along with the rest of the AAADT’s repertoire – continues to draw enthusiastic audiences each year. What is it about this timeless piece that persuades audience members to come back for more? It’s the experience.

Like all great masterpieces, Revelations takes command of disparate elements and crafts them seamlessly together so audiences are directed with purpose and clarity. From the use of positive and negative space to rhythmic cues and color choices, all of which work in concert to create a powerful experience unique to each viewer. We are creatures who love this kind of order in disorder: the blend that subtly suggests a heady sophistication while providing an experience that’s visceral and immediate. Sometimes we can’t even put our finger on what specifically it is, we just smile with satisfaction and say “That works.”

From audience member to passer-by, consumer to web user, we return to the places that provide a superior experience. Consider the elements at work on your site and the experience they give your audience – Is it memorable? And while it doesn’t have to appeal to the arts-oriented intellectual type, it should be an active experience rather than a passive presentation. Conjuring engagement is no easy task, but the reward is exponential.