Things that go bump…

Evolution, the subconscious and our choices:

Just the other day while out for a walk in central park, I came across a giant snake! I shrieked and ran, my heart pounding, body numb, mouth dry.

Then I realized it was just a stick. But I was still feeling scared. Why? My amygdala. The amygdala (ah-mig-de-la) is an almond shaped part of the bran in the temporal lobe.

Your Giant Brain

My amygdala was what made me scared even before I was aware of why.

Most of our decisions are effected by our unconscious, and the amygdala plays a huge role in this process.

Mmmm Desire

You see a chocolate cake dripping with buttercream frosting. Your mouth starts to water, your stomach growls and desire kicks in; you want that cake.

Before you have consciously processed the cake and the information even reaches your visual cortex, the image reaches the amygdala and your body reacts, resulting in emotions; in this case desire. You may not even like cake, but the image as interpreted through the amygdala causes you to experience desire.

To get your website audience to click on a desired action, you need to guide them. Because the amygdala is effected by visual information, you can use its influence to persuade your clients or customers.

We know that humans have three brains (old, mid and new) and that websites that address all three are the most effective. That’s why our websites provide a high ROI for our clients.

Interested to learn more? I am currently writing more about cognitive neuroscience. How and why we do what we do, love what we love and buy what we buy. So stay tuned for more great articles, and be sure to let me know if you have any questions or want to hear more about a specific topic.

“The unconscious is smart, efficient, and fast, we couldn’t survive without it.” *(Susan M. Weinschenk, Neuro Web Design)