Pretty sites make more money.

Does it matter if your website is aesthetically pleasing? Our research shows that it most definitely does!

Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. Your users are emotionally driven.

“Research of the visual aesthetics of computer interfaces suggests that aesthetics are a strong determinant of users’ satisfaction and pleasure.” Noam Tractinsky

Pretty things make people happy and influence their decisions. Think about the iPod’s beautiful design versus Microsoft’s zune. Who has ever heard of a zune anyway?

A good example: For top woman chef of New American Cuisine, Diane Forley, we designed the site with food in mind. The aesthetics conjure freshness and innovation. Visit the site to see what we mean.

2. People cannot make entirely objective decisions.

The world is a complex chaotic place and although our brains have evolved to process everything around us, and we try to be rational, scientifically we can’t ignore the subconscious effect of aesthetics.

A good example: We focused on this idea when designing the Manhattan Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Website, where much of the information can be digested easily and enjoyably on this site. Visit the site to see what we mean.

3. Aesthetics are directly related to perceived USABILITY.

People have an easier time using an aesthetically pleasing website because beautiful things flood our brains with Dopamine (the chemical in our brain that lets us fall in love) and helps us think outside the box.

4. Abundance.

“It’s shaped business by putting a premium on the emotional. Companies stand out in a crowded market place by appealing to the aesthetic.” Daniel Pink

Think cereal, wine and bottled water. If no design stood out to us, it would be impossible to choose.

5. Your site is 100% visual.

The only way for your user to interact with you via the web is through the appearance, or interface of your site.

A bit of advice to make your site appeal to your user aesthetically:

– Provide clarity
– Provide emotional impact
– Engage and invite users
– Maintain consistency
– Send the right message
– Give site unique personality

Got an ugly site? Afraid you are scaring away your users? Send us a link and we’ll give you a free evaluation.

Got a gorgeous site, send us the link, make us very happy.


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